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Hello poppets,

It is getting colder where you are? Autumn for me has finally arrived!

For those of you who are new to Gyaru or Gal style, this specific type of fashion I will be showcasing today is called Romantic Gyaru (Roma-Gyaru) or Hime Kaji. The aesthetics are quite clearly, feminine and soft but what I love most about this look is that it can be worn casually or dressed up.

Photography by: Master Harlequin

The word Hime means 'princess' and Hime Kaji literally translates to 'casual princess' whereas Roma Gyaru is short for Romantic Gyaru/ Romantic Gal and this Japanese brand Liz Lisa captures both styles perfectly!

Liz Lisa is the most popular himekaji brand in Japan and of course gyaru and non gyaru fashionistas flock to their shops because of its very versatile aesthetics and popularity.

What I love about their designs:

  • They way they make floral prints look very cute without it being over the top.
  • Their very distinct look and style (romantic, classy and cute comes to mind!)
  • The numerous collaboration with the beloved My Melody!
  • The attention to detail and quality.
  • The way it made me feel like a hime ^___^

I am guaranteed to love at least four of their items every time a collection comes out, though most of the time more if you count their accessories!

Quite a lot of people have repeatedly asked me how you can get genuine, authentic J-fashion brand items from Japan without the use of shopping services (which means service fees and more complicated procedure to be able to shop from Japanese brands).

Well today is your lucky day because I'm introducing a US based shop called Kawaii Gyaru Shop! With a click of a button you can shop your favourite J-fashion gyaru brands like Liz Lisa, MA*RS, Ank Rouge, Cecil McBee and they even have cute Sanrio goods!

The salopette I'm wearing is actually (just for a limited time) on offer for FREE shipping.

And if you put in my exclusive discount code < PIXIEGAL > you can get a discounted price on any items!!!

Outfit Rundown

Wig: Farrah Bombshell by Rockstar Wigs
Skirt: Liz Lisa Floral by Kawaii Gyaru Shop
Necklace: Liz Lisa, F21 and Disney Couture

(Photo below)
Hat: Liz Lisa Fur Hat from Kawaii Gyaru Shop
Jacket: Liz Lisa Jacket from Kawaii Gyaru Shop
Shoes: La Parfait

Remember, the code PIXIEGAL entitles you to an exclusive discounted price on all items!

Photography by: Master Harlequin

Bye for now lovelies,

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