Kawaii Style: 'Sailor Moon" Themed Outfit

Pixie Late

Hello poppets,

Today is an Outfit of the Day post!

I find it fun to do an inspired look every now and then. This week it's Sailor Moon inspired!

Ever since Sailor Moon Crystal came out, I've started re-living my nostalgia for this anime. For this outfit, I am chanelling Usagi's (Sailor Moon) look with the two buns and blonde hair. Granted it's not her actual hairstyle but it's always more fun to put your own spin on fashion. Be creative!

For the base wig, I am wearing Farrah Bombshell and I clipped two Pixie 'Bun 2' in blonde to create the look.


I am wearing Pixie Bunny ( Nautical Breeze sheer dress over a tank top and a skirt.

You can get this pink sheer dress by clicking here:

Remember it's made out of the softest chiffon so do take care when washing the dress, it's very comfortable on the skin and you can wear almost anything underneath the dress, from crop tops to dresses! 

Whatever you choose, the seifuku style collar will add that kawaii edge to your look.

The nautical style collar reflects Sailor Moon's school uniform style and the we all know she likes the colour pink. The necklace I'm wearing is the design of Sailor Moon's compact as well!

Outfit Rundown:

Buns Extensions: Pixie by Gothic Lolita Wigs (Bun 2 - Blonde)

Wig: Farrah by Rockstar Wigs in Bombshell


Necklace: Sailor Moon Compact necklace by

Dress: Nautical Breeze by (Pixie Bunny page)

Shoes: La Parfait

Bag: Baby, the stars shine bright!

*Note that the dress is sold out but you can pre-order them on Pixie Bunny's site! Everything else is available immediately!

* If you want to order at use my discount code PIXIELATE my dears! 

Check out Gothic Lolita Wigs instagram to see a mini video of this hairdo!


See you next week!

♡ Pixie ♡

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