TOFU CUTE: UK Spotlight Kawaii Accessories & Japanese Snacks

Pixie Late

Hello bun buns!

I'm so happy to present to you the biggest kawaii snack shop in the UK! Tofu Cute is an online store specialising in kawaii gifts, accessories and stationery, and of course tasty Japanese snacks. Tofu Cute are the biggest UK based online shop but they do deliver worldwide which makes it just a click away for you to get these goodies. Definitely my kind of shopping.

Tofu Cute are official retailers of a lot of Japanese kawaii brands and you can be assured of their quality just by looking at the sheer popularity and size of their stands in conventions! You can't miss them because they have their own pink carpet...I digress.

I have always loved interesting chocolate and now you can order Japanese Kit Kat in a lot of different flavours such as Cheesecake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry, Green Tea and more! Click here to see their full stock of Japanese Kit Kat flavours!

They also sell a lot of cute accessories, charms and plushies. Recently they have stocked the ever so popular Amuse kawaii products (Japanese brand) and all of their newest releases. Of course I was over the moon when I got the cute loppy eared rabbit 'Poteusa Loppy Bunny' (Click here) and who doesn't like Alpacasso Alpaca (Click here)? You can see their full range of kawaii charms here!

When I got the box it's all wrapped up in their own wrapping paper full of Tofu Cute designed kawaii characters!
I feel like it's a proper gift! So yes I can say customer service is top as well as I got it very quickly!

This is just a box full of their Japanese Kit Kat! 
My favourite right now is the Vanilla Ice Cream flavour, can't get over how crazy and brilliant Japanese Kit Kat flavours are. I have to admit I have tried almost all of them ~ Check out their limited edition Halloween ones too! They have cute witches and pumpkins and it's pumpkin flavoured!

So aside of Japanese Kit Kat they also do Pocky, Puccho, Japanese Candy Kits and more. Of course their prices are the best compared to a lot of sites I know so you're getting a bargain when you shop with them. 

They even have a loyalty card so you can collect points called 'Tofu Tomodachi' card as pictured below. 
Plenty of rewards to earn from collecting points and you can do so online and at conventions. More info click here!



Which Amuse character is your favourite?

Also fret not, I have a discount code for you! PIXIEBUN1014 can be used until the end of this month for a discount on all products on so shop now before it expires!

Me with my cute bunny whom I've named Rosie..thank you so much TOFU CUTE



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