Makeup Collaboration with Rock Star Wigs: Lit Cosmetics

Pixie Late

Hi lovelies!

Today I want to write about the collaboration photoshoot that I did for Lit Cosmetics, Star Crushed Minerals and Rock Star Wigs

'No Glitter, No Glory', a very apt phrase to express the creed and fabulousness of Lit Cosmetics. They are a glitter brand started by Jodie Perks who was an avid glitter fan turned entrepreneur creating her own brand of glitter based makeup. We can all thank her for bringing a bit of bling to our makeup! What makes them different is their liquid based adhesive specially formulated for glitter application which I found extremely helpful. I usually hate wearing glitter because it simple does not stay put! Once again, this formula was perfected by Lit Cosmetics as they are the specialist when it comes to glitter makeup. The sheer variety of their shades also makes it easier for us to choose just the perfect colour we want as well.

You can get their glitter and glitter kits in SEPHORA (, the biggest beauty brand and chain in the world, no biggie or anything... I reckon there is some sort of Christmas deal going on too!

The first look I did was a Marie Antoinette look using Lit Cosmetics (lit 'Hunny Bunny' and 'Tinseltown' glitters. What I love about Hunny Bunny is the subtle yet three dimensial glitter effect it has for a pastel pink tone, you can wear more for a dramatic look or add a little shimmer to tone it down.

The inspiration for this look came from the masked ball scene from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette movie, but instead of her sheer black mask, I wore a 'makeup mask' which was way more sparkly and pink.

For the base colours, I used Star Crushed Minerals ( 'Just Peachy' mixed with 'Anarchy' to get that richer pink colour.

Another fun part of this shoot was of course the wardrobe!!

I donned a super frilly Rococo-esque, white lolita dress with a fluffily rabbit cape by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. 
And for a more dolly look, I wore a ball-jointed tights in opaque white which you can find at

I adore big hair, the bigger the better so I chose the Pinque from Rockstar Wigs ( Countess collection!

I styled my wig in two log pigtails and adorn it with pink and glittery bows! Just because one can never be too extravagant when embodying Rococo style. 

Speaking of Marie Antoinette, did you know there is a tea blend named after her at Laduree?

I tried it a good few years back when I was in Paris on a short holiday. I have to say it's not my favourite tea blend ever but it smells very good (almost too perfume-like). Why not give it a try if you fancy something different! 

The second look I did is purple themed! Here I wore Gothic Lolita Wigs 'Godiva' in 'Black Plum' and paired it with Pixie Bunny 'Nautical Breeze' dress in 'Snow' ~ I felt like a mermaid for having such long beautiful locks! 

Photography credit: CherryInk Photography

More looks to come! Stay tuned glitter bugs!



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