Fawntastic Look: Feat. Lolicrafts and Star Crushed Minerals

Pixie Late

Hello beautiful creatures!

My apologies for being absent during the festive season last year but I am greeting 2015 with this fawn-tastic look I've been wanting to do for a while.

When I think Autumn and Winter I think of cold, crisp air and deers! I especially love the aesthetics of deers and fawns. They have a quiet magnificence about them, don't you think?

This week I’m introducing you to a very adorable shop  Lolicrafts on etsy ( makes and sells animal headbands. They have these adorable fawn ears which are something I’ve been looking for as I wanted to do a fawn inspired look, so no horns please! I will do more looks with another one of their headbands soon! 

The owner’s name is Jenna Lolandi and her nickname is Loli, hence the shop name! 

She started her shop up as a side hobby back in early 2010. Read more below about what she has to say about it:

“It was originally a catch all for the various crafts I liked doing, which included purses, hats and real gummy bear jewelry, but I eventually sifted out all the mismatch stuff to bring it to it's current role as an animal costume accessory shop. It has grown in popularity enough that I now sew and design all year long. I am based in Oregon, USA and currently I have shipping set up to US, Canada, Australia and the UK, though I happily take requests to ship to other countries. 

The theme of my creations and my shop has always been about having fun with fashion and expressing oneself creatively, whether that be for one night on Halloween, or all year round. 
I have always had a deep fascination with animals, and I enjoy surrounding myself with bright, cheerful colors, so putting those two things together in my creations felt natural. My favorite part of my job is hearing back from customers that they enjoy owning and wearing my items, or that they helped make a special costume idea possible.”

If you want a $2 off coupon, enter PROMOCOUPON at checkout!

Photography: CherryInk Photography

My current favourite wig styles from Gothic Lolita Wigs are the ones with natural colours such as the  Ulzzang and Gamine collection. 

They are all so versatile to wear and they are so light and soft!

The Gamine can be worn in a sleeker manner or a more fluffed up look. All you have to do is just shake it a little and it will give that extra volume to the Gamine style. Hair makes such a big difference in appearance. I felt like a modern city deer with the Gamine and a forest nymph with the Ulzzang and Godiva because of the length and sheer volume of it!

To achieve the brownish red shading on my cheeks, nose and eyes I used Maroon Matte By Star Crushed Minerals and the subtle glitter on the eyelids is of course from Lit Cosmetics in the shade called 'Ella'!

Have a great day my deers! Okay you can breathe a sigh of relief from deer related puns now!


Pixie Late

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