Start Spring in Pink: Liz Lisa Gyaru Style

Pixie Late

Hello bun buns,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I’m back now!

The weather is getting much better now here in New York and hopefully any other places where Spring is slowly gracing your presence!

Admittedly I have been wearing a lot of darker and more casual clothes and I miss wearing pink! So I went all out with this Romantic Gyaru style sporting my favourite pink wig à Farrah collection by Rock Star Wigs :

I also got this super cute and casual playsuit dress by Liz Lisa from USA based J-fashion shop Kawaii Gyaru Shop ( I have a special DISCOUNT CODE for you too à PIXIEGAL

Just a little bit about this shop: They sell all authentic Japanese fashion brands like Liz Lisa, MA*RS, Ank Rouge and many more. I can vouch for their authenticity as I’ve been getting a lot of queries about these things, so rest assured!

And of course a collage of details of this look with description of what I'm wearing:

Outfit rundown:

Glasses: Topshop (

 (Farrah collection)

Dress: Liz Lisa ( >> Discount code: PIXIEGAL

Necklace and Disney Accessories: Disneyland (Tokyo Disneyland)


Shoes: La Pafait (

That's all for now and see you next time!




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  • Now we know who the seilbnse one is here. Great post!


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