Introducing: Kawaii Club - Monthly Package of Cute and Otaku goodies for you!

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Hi bun buns!!

Something kawaii this way comes……I’m so excited about this post because I’m introducing you to something that you all should subscribe to if you love cute things, otaku things and snacks! 

You're also in luck because I have a special coupon code for you all to use to get 10% OFF your first month's subscription >>> PIXIECLUB <<< 

What is 'Kawaii Club'?

"The Kawaii Club is a UK Subscription service which helps bring boxes of Cute Asian POP-Culture direct to your door! Each month the boxes are themed around a certain character, festival, holiday or special occasion. The products are chosen each month buy our specialist purchasers who scour for the latest and greatest in Kawaii Culture from Fashion to Sweets and Stationery to Homeware making sure there is something for everyone!

The “Ookii Parcels” are available in Monthly, 3 Months and 6 Months subscriptions and of course, the longer you sign up the more you save! You can see reviews of past packages on our website and don’t forget to signup for the newsletter where you will receive ‘Discount Coupons’ for your first package!

‘Kawaii Club’ started 2 years ago we are the longest running Kawaii Subscription service in the UK (possibly the world!) with some very loyal fans and customers who adore the items we send out.

If you would like to join in the fun, head over to to sign-up now! "

I received my April Kawaii Club box earlier this week and I simply couldn’t wait to show it all to you! 

This month's theme happens to be on Anime and I'm only too excited as I got Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Love Live! merchandise!! Okay enough chatter, lets see what I got in my Kawaii Club box....

Basically how it works is that you will get a surprise ‘kawaii’ box each month when you subscribe to them. The items range from cute accessories, stationery, snacks and yes even anime figures! I think it’s a brilliant idea, it’s like getting a present every month (yes, self gifting is definitely a good idea) and the element of cute surprises that awaits you inside the box makes it all the more exciting ^___^

You're also in luck because I have a special coupon code for you all to use to get 10% OFF your FIRST month's subscription! 

Enter >>>> PIXIECLUB<<<<< to get your discount! Let me know what you got in your package and tag us!

See you next time cuties!






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