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Countess™ Collection - COCO (Milk Tea Mix) -00146

$ 65.00


COCO is a soft, romantic light brown and dark blonde mixutre in high temperature synthetic fibers which can be heated up to 180*F/82*C. This collection differs from our popular Princess Collection in that these wigs have a more voluminous and pre-styled poof, while the curls of the body are much more relaxed and free-flowing. This look is perfect for Hime Lolita, Gyaru & Hime Gyaru. If you're not into Japanese fashion, these wigs are perfect for an ultra-glam & exciting night out on the town, or high concept photo shoot.

  • EST. SHIPPING WT. - 11 oz/312 g
  • FIBERS - This redesign incorporates our new high-temperature fibers from S. Korea and can be heated to 428*F/220*C (Be sure to spot test it before applying to the main part of wig as some thermometers are not always accurate). 


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